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Here at B spoke, we believe passionately that if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing properly. We aren’t fans of the quick fix, and we like to take our time to go through your issues rather than playing a numbers game.

We have a constantly busy workshop, open 5-6 days a week, headed up by Chris. He provides industry leading fixes and services on bikes of any brand.

We specialise in custom building and making your dreams a reality, as well as customising anything you can think of!

We have a wealth of experience in Shimano Di2, SRAM eTap/AXS and Campag EPS.


We are experts in fitting Invisiframe and if it's custom decals and paint you're after then we can sort that as well.

Our workshops operate on an assessment basis rather than a set menu of desires, as this enables us to tailor your investment where it's needed.  We will always take your bike in and then let you know what needs doing, so you can decide from there. 

If you would like to treat your pride and joy to an unparalleled level of service, please get in touch.

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